Monday, September 13, 2010

western culture affecting indian people

          Western culture affecting Indian people

We and our thoughts have become modern now-a-days. In short, we are getting modernised.

It’s very common & easy to say that India is developing. India is developing but what we are doing is that we are going far from our own culture.

Western culture is destroying our culture like a termite. But we are still supporting it. On one hand, people of other countries are eager to adopt Indian culture where as, on the other hand we are destroying our own culture. Do we think it is right?

It is our mistake that we are just seeing its advantage or what we are thinking is its advantage. But do we actually realise that it’s just like a chair that keeps us busy but does not take us anywhere. We are just dragging western culture into our culture and like sugar in water it has been dissolved in our culture and changed the natural and peaceful taste of our culture.

We are attracted towards it and in just a few moments we feel that it is better and the reason for this thinking is that we feel it is the symbol of sophisticated people.